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Multiple personal profiles under one user account

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Try our unique "patent pending" features: unlimited profiles and library of project templates. We believe that your world of project management will never be the same again. can be used for any projects, no matter how big, small or complex they may be

We believe in making project management simple enough for everyone to be able to manage projects successfully. To accomplish this, we have mainstreamed our project management application to reduce the user concerns of repetitiveness, made it more visually stimulating for easier navigation, and made our powerful management tools clear and concise. This application makes seamless team collaboration simple at an affordable price.

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Multiple profiles
Activity overview
Project templates
Live discussions

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Are you looking to manage all aspects of your projects exceptionally well from one web based project management (PM) application rather than having to use several applications or to pay excessive fees? If so, is the web/online PM application for you. This application is feature rich with highly effective management tools such as live chatting, payment control, file sharing, time tracking, profiles, activity overviews, and the ever-important milestones.

And not just for big companies, for anyone. We try hard to make ideas about project management easy and inovative to use. is a cost- and time-efficient solution that makes your team highly productive. respects all project elements.

Time tracking

Time tracking

Time is money. Knowing how much time you spend on a project is a key to success. This feature allows you to log a time by hours and minutes, add a date and add a description to keep everyone informed. While knowing how much time you spend on a project is important, it is equally important to know how much time your team members are spending. This intuitive feature allows you to monitor how much overall time a particular team member spends on the project and how much time is being spent on particular tasks.

Money tracking's Money Tracker will break it down for you in dollars and cents. As you are working on a project, you can see how much money is going in and how much money is going out in real-time. You can add a date of the income or expense, who logged it, a description of what is being logged in, the amount that is being logged in and upload a relevant file. For instance, an important income file could be a signed contract while an expense file could be a receipt. The Money Tracking feature can also calculate income and expenses based on time consumption.
Money tracking
Groups & People

Unlimited users

Once you have invited everyone that you can think of, you will have to organize them. You can base your groups on projects or any other criteria. Groups and People enable you to create project roles, set payments and control access. Not everyone on a team has to have access to a task, a milestone, or other project information. Groups are an ideal solution to keeping important information confidential with varying levels of access. Since people in roles are always changing, our system is flexible so that all project roles and other information can be edited as needed.

Attach & Share files is compatible with all major file types. As long as the files are not larger than 2GB, your files should upload in a breeze. Share and attach files to Tasks, Live Discussions, Expenses and Income. Since is team-oriented, we have also added a field for descriptions. Adding a clear description lets everyone, with access to the files, know what the file is about without having to click on it. You can also add the uploaded files to Groups. Groups are an easy way to set levels of access privilege.
Attach & Share files
Task Lists & Tasks

Task Lists & Tasks

We understand that starting a project can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, we created Task Lists and Tasks that can make a huge project possible. Task Lists and Tasks break projects up into manageable and doable chunks. Task Lists will give you a general overview of what you need to get done and in what order you need to get it done. Task Lists are flexible lists that can be reordered as your project develops. The Tasks are an opportunity to add more detail. The Tasks are action steps that need to be completed. Specific Tasks can also be assigned to specific people.

Comment everything

Collaboration and communication is a key approach to reaping all the benefits that has to offer. Having team players that you can assign items to and give deadlines it is only the beginning. Collaboration and communication is so important to us that all the team members that you invite will get free access to the We also won't put a limit on the number of people that you invite because your project is like a baby, and we all know that it takes a village. Take advantage of our Live Discussion feature to instantly check on your team and project's progress.
Live Discussions
Project Milestones

Project Milestones

Milestones will help you stay on track from start to finish. The Milestone feature allows the account owner to assign specific milestones to specific team members; the feature also has a deadline field. In our experience, having expectations and holding individual team members accountable keeps a team focused. The Milestone feature also has a calendar for a visual representation of what milestone needs to be reached and by when. It also has a unique float feature so you do not have to move milestones every day if the milestone is not completed. Although, reaching each milestone is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your accomplishment and your team's effort; milestones are refreshing achievements that reinvigorate a project. Who doesn't want to reach a milestone?

Activities overview

The Activity feature tracks a project's activity. The feature offers a quick synopsis of what has been done, when was it done and by who. While having a vision of where your project is important, we believe it is equally important to see your past activities across all you projects; you can't know where you are going until you know where you've been. While immersed in a different project, you can conduct some real-time analysis and figure out why there are any changes. The overview can span weeks. The Activities Overview also highlights overdue and upcoming Milestones and specific Task List items.
Activities overview

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No Credit Card Required is a web project management app that boosts your productivity immediately. Our web based app makes project management, collaboration and modeling easy.

Multiple personal profiles under one user account

Multiple profiles under one user account

Work-life balance seems nonexistent because everyone's online all of the time. We believe that work-life balance is important, so we developed multiple profiles under one user account. Our intuitive app makes coordinating an office project as easy as organizing a family reunion. solves real problems for real people. Account owners are welcome to have a single email address or multiple addresses; however, you only need one username and password to access all of your profiles.
Save, reuse and share project models

Save hours of work - project templates

Don't have a clue about how to start a new project? We understand that this is one of the biggest barriers to actually starting a project, so we decided to help you. We created a project library full of project templates. Our templates are ready-to-use guidelines that you can use to start a project immediately. Invite collagues, family and friends to join you because collaboration is important. You can save, reuse and share all of your project templates. If you do not want to share a template, then you can also set it to private. We give you the right tool so that you can start doing now.
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