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Activity page offers a quick overview of all late, upcoming and past activities across all projects or individual project.
DoBox Tour Activities


Use Milestones in your projects to mark important dates, start/finish task lists and discussions. You can assign them to yourself or other project members.
DoBox Tour Milestones

Task Lists & Tasks

Use Task List & Tasks to complete steps toward completing a project, assign them to other project members and use them for discussions.
DoBox Tour Tasks


Start a new discussion about project milestones, tasks and files or general project topic. Use Live chat for instant group communication.
DoBox Tour Discussions

Upload, Attach and Share Files

Upload and share files, attach them to tasks and include them in discussions. Organize them as groups with various levels of access privilege.
DoBox Tour Files


Track and monitor the amount of time project members spend on each task and entire project.
DoBox Tour Time


Track and monitor your project income and expanses.
DoBox Tour Money


Invite your friends and colleages to collaborate on your projects. Assigne roles and set payments. Organize them as groups with different levels of project access privilege.
DoBox Tour People